About Me

Hi! I'm kalucky0. I'm a young programmer who creates websites, mobile and desktop apps, and games. Until now, I've completed hundreds of projects, most of which are lost to time. I do my best to make my projects perform as good as it's achievable and have the best user experience possible to ensure client satisfaction. You can find out more about me below.


I've been programming for over 9 years and learned many things. Here are some of them:

  • Unity
    • Shaders (still learning)
    • C#
    • Level design
  • C#
    • Games
    • Desktop apps
  • CSS
    • SCSS
    • Less
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Dart (Flutter)
  • Java
    • Android
    • Forge mods
    • Spigot plugins
  • PHP
    • Symfony
    • Laravel
    • Lumen
  • C++

I've also played with C and x86 Assembly, but I wouldn't consider them as languages I know.

Check out my GitHub

Looking for an awesome projects and examples? Check out my github! You'll find there shaders, websites and android projects.